Hold us to it Lord

Recently during my evening prayer time, I got to the point of praying for our government leaders and for President Obama. As I was praying it came to my mind and heart that President Obama claims to be a Christian. As tears formed in my eyes, I cried out to the Lord, “Hold him to […]

Accused of being a Christian

There was a time, in the early history of the Church, that being a Christian could actually carry a death penalty. To be a follower of Jesus Christ was more than something to do on Sunday morning. To adhere to and follow the teachings of Jesus could mean a loss of property or even your […]

Do We Judge others by what we see?

A minister passing through his church In the middle of the day, Decided to pause by the altar And see who had come to pray. Just then the back door opened, A man came down the aisle, The minister frowned as he saw The man hadn’t shaved in a while. His shirt was kind a […]