America’s Future

Through the years I have heard people ask, “Is America mentioned in the end time prophecies we find in the Bible?” I have heard many explain away why we are not listed. In my thoughts, if America is to be a world leader during the end times, God would have surely referred some mention of […]

Apologize for my Beliefs?

Thinking about this. It is strange to me that the media and seemingly most people want me to apologize for my beliefs. If they could, they would make me change the way I believe. I have been told many times to keep my beliefs and my religion inside the 4 walls of the Church. Little […]

Who should I vote for?

Should Christians vote? Perhaps many Christians are asking the question, “Should I vote”, or “Who do I vote for”? Some might find scripture that they think will justify their not voting. Others will find scripture that demands us to vote. Our country is a republic, our government is supposed to be by the people and […]