I am Amazed

Did you hear that the White House is applauding a college football player’s coming out? Mrs Obama and the VP are saying how brave and inspiring the young player is to boldly proclaim his sin to all the world. The news clip I saw of him showed no remorse or shame. The media looks at […]

A Marriage that lasts

What is a lasting marriage built on? When we first got married, the love we had for each other was based mostly on feelings. Feelings are good. Feelings however are based upon emotions and emotions change with the surroundings. This means when my wife did something I didn’t like, my love for her would weaken. […]

Christian Warfare

This message is intended for Christians, for the Church It seems like the Christian Church and Christians themselves are under attack. Christian websites and Pastors are informing us of the secular bias against anything of God and His Word. The Church, I believe is fighting on the wrong battlefield. We and I mean Christians are […]


Romans 12:9 The Christians living in this world have a problem, while we are in the world, we are not to be of this world. ( John 17:16 ) ( Col. 3:1,2,3 ) We have a spiritual war going on inside our minds. How do we act in our daily lives?  How do I act […]